Need a DIY approach?

team bumping fist

If you’re not in a position to work with 3COze at the moment but you are ready to make changes, these tools will help you get started.

Use these tools to broach a contentious topic, to create a breakthrough approach, or to sustain a positive new behavior. You’ll be amazed how shifting the mindset or building the skill set of your team can start with one powerful conversation.


Click on the tools below to download. We’ve also linked to supporting articles and videos to provide the context you’ll need to put the tools into practice.
  • Meeting tools
  • Unseen Work Exercise
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Conflict Debt
    • Link to the FastCompany article
    • Conflict Debt Assessment
  • Conflict Skills for Nice People
  • Building a Conflict Habit 
  • Strategy Creation
  • Strategy Mobilization
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Strategic Influence
  • Wanting more on strategy, click here for access to my full strategy library
  • Ruthless Prioritization
  • Reducing Drama
  • Reframing Resistance
  • Bolstering Resilience