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Here’s How We Do That

Through our consulting, training, and proprietary tools, we help change people’s mindsets, build their skill sets, and create habits that will translate into results. Our approach includes:


Charting the course for your business


Fostering alignment and trust on your executive team


Mobilizing your top leaders to execute

Case Examples

While we’ve worked with dozens of companies to provide workshops, training, and tools, here is a spotlight on some of our consulting clients.

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SaaS Company

Business communications company making the jump to a new business model

Fortune 500 High Tech

Leadership team refocusing their time and repositioning their business

Regional Retailer

Family-owned business scaling its leadership

Energy Company

Rolling out leadership development to cohorts of people leaders and executives.  

Fortune 500 Manufacturer

Preparing people leaders prepare for an organizational restructuring

High Growth Services Company

Closing leadership gaps at a rapidly scaling platform company

Family-owned Food Company

Transferring leadership beyond the family

Global NGO

Supporting effective cross-team collaboration

About Us

3COze Inc. is a small firm with a big impact. We help organizations that are willing to do more than talk a good game. Our clients are audacious about their potential, serious about doing things differently, and brave enough to work through the discomfort that stands between them and their vision.

Invest in your Success


Candid Advice

One of the first calls I make when I take the helm of a new organization is to 3COze. They’ve been my partners in building my executive teams, creating strategy, and mobilizing the top 100 leaders. The added benefit of working with Liane and Craig is that, as a CEO, I have a sounding board where I can get candid advice on real-time issues. I get the deep insights I need to know how to get the best out of each member of my executive team.

Don Joos

“Exceptional Experience”

As an HR leader, I’ve had the pleasure of engaging 3COze multiple times over the past 15 years. Each time, working with them has been an exceptional experience. Their approach to strategy is truly differentiated and makes room for continuous team development every step of the way. Having been through their process four times, with four different organizations, I can confidently say their integrated approach to strategy and leadership delivers results. Just as importantly, partnering with 3COze is engaging and fun. 

Julie Currie
Chief People Officer

Leading-edge Thinking

I first met 3COze when they were facilitating strategy and team effectiveness for an organization where I was on the executive team. I was amazed at the impact they created simultaneously working on the business issues and the people dynamics. I found the approach so valuable that when I joined Q2, I engaged 3COze to work with my leadership group to conduct regular forums to educate, inspire, and mobilize the team of leaders to execute our strategy. Regardless of whether it’s a strategy, team, or leadership assignment, I always know we’re going to get leading-edge thinking in a practical, relevant, down-to-earth package. 

Bharath Oruganti
SVP, Service Delivery